Frost & Fire Consulting

Delivering outstanding legal and other business services

Frost & Fire Consulting

Delivering outstanding legal and other business services

about us

Frost & Fire Consulting was created with one goal in mind: providing unmatched legal and business consulting services to clients operating in the Albanian and greater regional market.

We pride ourselves not only in having deep insight into the existing issues and intricacies of the local business climate, but also in being intimately familiar with the expectations and mind-sets of our clients, whether they are foreign investors, multinational corporations, or governmental and international donor agencies. We have succeeded in merging the unique experiences of our members to serve Frost & Fire Consulting’s number one priority – optimal solutions and superior work product for our clients.


Frost & Fire Consulting is dedicated to providing outstanding legal and business consulting services. We offer personalized attention, informed advice and practical solutions in line with industry best practices and the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility.  We deliver excellence and exceed expectations.  We aim to nurture long-lasting relationships rooted in trust, mutual respect, professionalism and partnership.


Frost & Fire Consulting aspires to remain the most respected legal and business services firm in Albania and the wider region, recognized by our clients for delivering excellence, by our competitors as the standard setter and by aspiring young professionals as the best place to develop their talents.


If we were to draw a pyramid of our core values, commitment to client success would be the foundation, integrity its pillar and quality its all-seeing eye. We value accountability in our individual and collective actions. We respect ourselves, our work, and our clients.  We endeavor to improve society  not only through our professional commitments but also our civic and not-for-profit engagements.

Our People

Our team attributes its strength to diverse accomplishments, experiences, and interests. All our members have solid academic foundations and have graduated with distinctions from some of the best global and local institutions such as Harvard Law School, New York University School of Law, Georgetown Law School, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College, University of Maryland-School of Law, University of Southern Maine, University of Tirana, etc.  Furthermore, in our lives outside of suits and ties, we have run bakeries, waited tables and cast molten metal and amongst us there are black belt martial arts champions, former professional basketball players, musicians, and divers. Nonetheless, we share important qualities – integrity, creativity, dedication, intelligence, and a commitment to excellence. Click below to find out more about our professionals.


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